What We Work On

Sample Projects


Electrical Installation Management

A major shipyard was awarded a contract to convert a commercial container vessel into a replenishment vessel for a North American navy.

SPS have undertaken all aspects of the electrical works from initial designs, vendor appraisal and selection, vendor management, interface engineering, implementation, construction planning, construction supervision, commissioning and hand-over.

This ambitious, fast-track project has meant that the scope of works has included the installation of almost every system a modern vessel must have and has been made unusually complex as the completed vessel has to meet both commercial Class society rules and naval rule requirements. As a multi-site project with works being undertaken in Croatia, Finland, the UK and Canada, a further challenge has been the management of the multiple teams, in the various locations and time zones which SPS have successfully coordinated to maximise project success.

Work Scope


  • Cargo pumping systems
  • RAS tensioners and support equipment
  • New integrated diesel electric power plant
  • Additional electrically driven azimuth thruster
  • Full suite of bridge equipment, integrated bridge controls and Integrated Vessel Management System
  • Fully fitted accommodation module with all the requirements of HVAC, Galley, Communications, Fire and Gas detection, entertainment systems, safety and emergency systems

  • Munitions handling systems
  • Tempest shielded communications and control centres
  • Knuckle boom crane installation


Saturation Diving System installation

A major offshore construction company recently acquired a new vessel and require the installation of the modular saturation diving system on the main deck.

SPS have been engaged to design, procure and install all the requirements for the integration of the equipment into the existing vessels systems and to ensure operational requirements are met whilst satisfying the needs of the vessels Class society.

Work Scope


  • Vessel survey to define scope of works
  • Integration of power supplies into the vessels main power distributions system
  • Maintenance of the Diving Systems switchboards and electrical equipment
  • Integration with vessels communications and CCTV systems
  • Installation of dedicated communication systems, Fire Alarm systems, CCTV and information networks

  • Interfaces with the vessels subsea survey suite
  • Commissioning and hand over to the client of all systems and facilities


Helicopter Deck Installations

We partnered with an industry leading supplier.

The demands placed on offshore vessel operators in respect to regulation on the requirements of vessels helicopter deck lighting and facilities can vary greatly from country to country and recent regulation changes have made this subject all the more difficult, meaning existing installations have to be modified or upgraded to suit.

SPS has partnered with an industry leading supplier for this equipment (our partner being the only company who can currently supply the entire requirement for a helideck which meets the requirements of UK CAA CAP437, the main industry standard). This partnership allows us to meet the needs of various clients whilst obtaining the installation and equipment support a major global supplier can bring.

Work Scope


  • Survey of existing installations and advising on the upgrades required to meet current regulations
  • Review of designs of new or in progress builds and ensure current requirements have been allowed for
  • Supply of equipment and installation engineering
  • Installation, commissioning and hand-over of all systems
  • Interface design, installation and commissioning for bridge equipment, DP systems and fire detection and fire-fighting systems
  • Engaging the relevant surveyors and ensuring the installation receives the required certification
  • Maintenance and repair of existing installations.