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Project Management

The success industry has witnessed from the application of structured and efficient Project Management has made it beneficial for organisations to replace traditional methods of managing assets with a project oriented management style. SPS works together with client organisations to ensure that in addition to their initial project being managed and delivered successfully the operational life of the asset is also supported to provide maximum efficiency, effectiveness and benefit to the client’s organisation.



  • Qualified and experienced industry leading managers to form and guide project teams
  • Subject Matter Experts well versed in the latest industry requirements and regulations
  • Pipelay systems and facilities (J-Lay, S-Lay, reeled and flexibles)
  • Project administration staff to ensure projects budgets, schedules and reporting are produced and maintained throughout the entire project.
  • On-site management of the project works and project labour force
  • Qualified engineering reviews and management of vendor deliverables in line with the project requirements
  • Vendor review and selections

  • Equipment specification and purchase
  • Formation of on-site facilities
  • Selection and formation of an integrated project management team
  • Integration of the project deliverable into the client operation and maintenance requirements post project phase

The client is given the opportunity to engage a full suite of SPS deliverables as per the above or to choose individual facilities which are required for specific projects in order to meet shortfalls within the client’s organisation.

In addition to undertaking project management from the outset SPS staff are well versed and experienced in taking on the management of projects which are already underway and the client has identified a change in management or procedure is required.

As a Project Management entity, SPS can be involved in the management, review and installation oversight of any of the facilities required on a modern offshore construction vessel or offshore facility. The track record of the company and its management are mainly in Dynamically Positioned Offshore Construction Vessels. These complex vessels require in depth design and functionality reviews at project conception and careful consideration of integration of systems to ensure the end product meets both the client intent and the requirements of regulation.